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Art Handling Services
Licenced and Insured in Florida

About us

Public Art Works, Inc. is a state licensed and insured contractor (#CBC017237) providing installation and maintenance for municipal public art collections throughout the State of Florida. We have developed a series of services and municipal liability protections that meet and exceed the diverse management, liability and skill required to install and maintain public art collections.

Art collections often require diverse materials and complex processes that can pose challenge to preserve the integrity of the artists original process and intention. Our services can tackle any artistic landscape that requires knowledge of bronze, stainless, Corten steel, aluminum, painted steel, art glass, concrete and fiberglass artworks. We provide high level competency of these materials as well as, the conservation/restoration application processes.


Public Art Works, Inc. is known for:

• Reliable, time sensitive scheduling

• Transparent communications and documentation

• Safe and secure worksites

• Solid and sensible guidelines, processes and protocol

• Resources for equipment, materials and specialized team


Operational Commitment

Our team at Public Art Works Inc. is an instrumental resource for municipality public and private commercial public art projects. To maintain safe and efficient work environments, we emphasize planning, communication and teamwork. Public Art Works Inc., delivers exceptional low stress service. We share the love, value and investment of Art in Public Places.


Public Art Works, Inc. utilizes OSHA personal protection and carries heavy equipment operation certifications. We communicate scheduling of site visits and create safety barriers for the pubic or vehicular traffic. Our worksites are always neat and orderly.


Equipment, Materials and Labor

Public Art Works, Inc. carries the tools and equipment to properly preform public art conservation maintenance, installation or removal. If specialized rental equipment is required, we have service accounts with many commercial vendors to get the equipment we need to safely perform the work.


Emergency Preparedness

Public Art Works, Inc. prioritizes our contract clients with rapid response to secure artworks in the event of an emergency. This priority may become essential when faced with limited available resources.


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