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Public Art Works Inc. (PAW) is a public art service provider dedicated to the logistics management, restoration and maintenance of public art installations. We provide 24hr indoor and outdoor sculptural art installation, conservation and restoration services safeguarding municipal public investment.

Need a licensed contractor for your project? Our code compliant art installation services are a valuable asset too:public artists, project managers, municipalities and museums.​ If you need our contractor license to pull your permit (and YOU do the work), we provide pro-consulting services throughout your public art project. Otherwise, our team will provide all the site work for you. From surveying to groundwork and installation- we have your project under our care and supervision. 

Concrete services formwork and permitting

Maintenance & Restoration

Collection Assessment

Scheduled Maintenance

Metal Polishing

Bronze Restoration

Chemical Patinas

Mosaic Repair

Art Glass Restoration

Rust Remediation


Conservation Maintenance 

Public Art Works Inc advocates routine scheduled maintenance as responsible stewardship of valuable public artworks. The benefits of scheduled routine maintenance include: reduced risk to expensive intrusive repairs, preservation of artistic and cultural heritage, aesthetic curb appeal, structural integrity and safety, intrinsic value, as well as, educational and research purposes.


We offer public art collection assessments and comprehensive public art maintenance programs designed specifically for sculptural and architectural collections, As part of our routine maintenance services, we provide assessment reports and high resolution photo documentation. The professional photo documentation serves as a valuable record for marketing and insurance purposes.

Repair and Restoration:

Public Art Works Inc. specializes in repairing and restoring public art sculptures that have been damaged, weathered or vandalized. We address various issues such as rust, cracking, oxidation, streaking, spray paint/markers or sun damage causing color shifting and fading. With our extensive creative toolbox, and network of skilled artisans, we can restore or replicate most material finishes on any surface.

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Public Art Works Inc.

Sculpture and Artwork Logistics


Florida State Licensed and Insured*. EIN#:47-4346079

Public Art Works Inc is Florida's Fine Art handling and Monument Installer


Metal art, Glass art, Kinetic sculpture, Oil paintings, Watercolors, Acrylics, Spraypaint, Wood, Concrete, Marble, Mosaics, Digital interactive exhibits Installation and Repair.





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*Liability Insured...$2,000,000,000

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