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Art Handling

Sculpture Installation


Site Preparation

Concrete Formwork

Shipping and Transport

Commercial and Residential

Public Art Works Inc. (PAW) is a public art / fine art service provider dedicated to the logistics management, restoration and maintenance of public art installations. We provide 24hr indoor and outdoor sculptural art installation, conservation and restoration services safeguarding the City’s investment – from incomprehensible damages cause by environmental exposure, active use and vandalism.

We offer public art collection assessment and comprehensive public art maintenance programs. Scheduled maintenance greatly reduces repair costs as well as increases curb appeal of the sculpture installation .

​Our code compliant art installation services have become a valuable asset to municipalities, artists, private clients and collectors, galleries and museums.​

Maintenance & Restoration

Collection Assessment

Scheduled Maintenance

Metal Polishing

Bronze Restoration

Chemical Patinas

Mosaic Repair

Art Glass Restoration

Rust Remediation


Our art and sculpture conservation specialists examine and intricately handle artwork and sculptures using both traditional practice and sophisticated technology. Accuracy and detail are vital components to art documentation, restoration and upkeep.

Gentle routine maintenance greatly reduces repair costs and revitalizes valuable investments, further reducing environmental degradation due to weather, vandalism or wear and tear.

Public Art Works inc. protects your investment by delivering safety and logistic management with excellence. Contract clients receive expedited 24hr service availability.


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Public Art Works Inc.

Sculpture and Artwork Logistics


Florida State Licensed and Insured*. EIN#:47-4346079

Public Art Works Inc is Florida's Fine Art handling and Monument Installer


Metal art, Glass art, Kinetic sculpture, Oil paintings, Watercolors, Acrylics, Spraypaint, Wood, Concrete, Marble, Mosaics, Digital interactive exhibits Installation and Repair.





Level 2 processing authorization for government and military P-cards


*Liability Insured...$2,000,000,000

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